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    Roseline/ Rosaline Pronunciation

    I like the pronunciation ROSE-uh-line but I know it's not as traditional as ROZ-lyn/ line or ROSE-uh-leen so if you met a girl with the first pronunciation, would you assume the parents were ignorant? Also, does the Rosaline spelling make more sense with that pronunciation or does it matter? I prefer Roseline because the other way, I just zero in on the word saline.

    ETA: I'm in Oklahoma, if that makes a difference.

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    I would not think parents are ignorant. It makes more sense you pronounced Roseline ROSE-uh-line. I prefer Rose-lyn pronunciation, but it's fine if you pronounced it differently.
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    No, I wouldn't think you were ignorant. I would probably opt for Rosaline, just because "e" to me has never signified "uh." But it makes sense, and I'd get used to it after the first few tries, especially if she was the only ROSE-uh-line I knew.
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    I would pronounce Rosaline Rose-uh-line but would pronounce Roseline Roz-lyn or Roz-a-lyn.

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    No, I would not think you were ignorant. I think the prn. depends on where you live. I'm in the States and my instinct is to prn. it Rose-uh-leen. The Roseline spelling looks like rose-line to me. Have you considered Rosalie?
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