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    Michael Robert nickname Milo

    Is Milo as a nickname for Michael Robert too far out there? (M, i,l from Michael & o from Robert). I don't like any other Michael nm (Mike, Mick, Mitch). Would the poor kid be constantly explaining his name? Thanks for your thoughts!

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    You can call him anything you like as a nickname. Michael Robert is a wonderful name : )
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    Milo is a good name, but you'll always be explaining the logic of it as a nick name for Michael Robert. Is there a reason why you can't use Milo as the actual name? The funny thing about nick names that parents pick for their kids is that ultimately children grow up and decide for themselves what nick name they want. It's not really enforceable, once he's old enough to understand what his real name is he might decide he wants to be called Michael or Robert.

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    it's a bit of a push for me, but you can call him whatever you want. Nicknames don't have to be name related. I would either just call him Michael and insist on it with other or use Milo as his given name if that's what you prefer.
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    Thanks for your replies! Yes, Michael would be his dad's middle name & grandpa's first name. Robert is my dad's first name, grandpa's first name, great-grandpa's first name, great-great grandpa's first name. I thought it would be nice to give him a family name, but I don't want to call him Michael (that's my F-I-L's name), & don't want to call him Robert, my dad's name. I think Milo is a bit of a stretch. Back to the drawing board!

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