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    Question Middle name for Bronson

    We are due with our first baby in December, and we're finding out the sex (hopefully we'll be able to see everything!) next week. My husband is REALLY hoping for a boy. We've pretty much already decided on Bronson, but haven't thought of any middle names we like. If it's a girl I'm sure I'll be posting a lot because we can't agree on a girls name at all, haha. What middle name would you give Bronson?

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    Bronson Tucker jumped into my mind upon reading the thread title. Usually I would steer clear of Tucker because it rhymes with F-----, but as a middle name I think it would be safe. Bronson Tucker sounds so masculine and charming to me.

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    I did a double take when I saw this thread because I've only heard the name Bronson used once in my entire life--on a blond, curly-haired boy who was one year below me in elementary school. He was Bronson James.

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