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    Quote Originally Posted by drasd View Post
    Hello Berries,

    I am 39 weeks pregnant and expect to go into labour any second- have been having mild contractions for days and our son was a week early. Our 2 year-old son's name is Hank. His full name is actually James Henry, but we always intended to call him Hank and have never used his full name. So we'd like something complimentary for our second child's name, but not too matchy-matchy. We don't know the gender, so I'll be posting this in the Boy Names Forum as well. Here's our shortlist of girl names:

    Mabel Kate
    Ramona Kate
    Ramona July (if she's late)
    Beatrix Elsie
    Beatrix Kate
    Beatrix Diana

    Thoughts? All the middle names have family connections, except for July (obviously). Can you please comment on firsts, as well as which middles work best for flow?

    Congratulations and good luck!!
    My thoughts on the names:
    Mabel Kate - I think Mabel feels very southern and rural. I do like the feel of Mabel especially with Kate she creates a really southern, wholesome feel it's adorable!! I really like it!! But in my eyes doesn't work with Hank (James Henry) as Hank (James Henry) is such a classic name with a defiant upper class feel. Mabel Kate is just far too softy and wholesome for Hank (James Henry) it's a shame though.

    Ramona Kate - I'm unsure of Ramona sometimes I think this name is really cool, has a very quirky almost majestic sound yet at other points I find the name unattractive especially with the 'Mona' nickname. Ramona does work with Hank (James Henry) and she also works with Kate, but it's just a name I wouldn't go with. Have you thought of Romina? She has a similar sound but is far prettier due to the 'Mina' sound being softer.

    Ramona July - I love July as middle name choice only if the child is late though otherwise I would stay clear. Romina July does have a certain ring though...

    Beatrix Elsie - I love the name Beatrix she's really spunky and cute. But I think Elsie is too informal for such a formal name your son has. Maybe Beatrix Elsa just to add a slight formality.

    Beatrix Kate - A very humbling, sweet combination. Beatrix sounds gorgeous and has such a spunky feel. Kate evens her out nicely adding a wholesome touch to the combination. Beatrix Kate flows lovingly together and works so well with Hank (James Henry) as the names are all stable classics. I also think the nicknames Hank & Bea work in such a sweet retro fashion.

    Beatrix Diana - Like with Ramona I'm unsure on Diana sometimes I think she's really classical with great connotations with British royalty and Michael Jackson for example. Still on the other hand she feels slightly 'dated' and adds a dated vibe to Beatrix.

    I would go with Beatrix Kate!!

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    My faveroit is Ramona July. It's awesome and flows really well. Hank and Mona is really cute. Ramona Kate also works really well.
    Beatrix Kate is also very nice. But Hank and Bea or Hank and Trixie maybe too nicknamey?
    Not a fan of Mabel. It feels to sweet and frilly with Hank, although Bell and Hank could work.
    Good luck!

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    Mabel Kate would be my choice.
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    I like Ramona nn Romy with big brother Hank.

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    I really like Mabel Kate!

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