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    Opinions on My List!!!!!!

    Hi Berries!
    I'm trying to for once have a like official I guess, list of Girls Names I Love. Help me by giving me input on the flows, middles, and overall opinions on my list. Also, I would love to expand it so please SUGGEST MORE!
    My Vetos: Old fashioned names, Names that were particularly in their peaks in 1999 (don't ask me why, but in the top 20 I like HATE most of the names from that year), names from Mythology, names that start with O, Names with AU in them, mainly because in my childhood, all my best friend Lauren did was make fun of how for some crazy reason I can't pronounce the AU sound correctly, and Names that end in -lynn and -lana.
    So, without further ado, the list!
    Thanks namelover777, I just realized that I forgot to say that Marie is one of my favorite names, even though it is a filler. My filler names when making choices are Marie, Renee, and Jane.
    Reese Sariah
    Eden Marie
    Bellamy Renee
    Mackenzie Marie (my favorite)
    Arizona Hope
    Liberty Faith
    Alaska June
    Penelope June
    Phoebe Renee
    Saoirse Brianne (seer shuh)
    Brielle Genefique (jen eh feek)
    Kayla Jane
    Whitney Jane
    Charlotte Marie
    Gracie Katharena (kath er ay nuh)
    Papyrus Alexandria
    Jenna Elizabeth
    Victoria Elizabeth

    Names I Need A Middle For:
    Danielle (preferably something that can have the nickname Coco, this one is a namesake for a girl known as Coco, which wasn't her real name)
    Marily (How would you spell this? It's pronounced like Merrily)
    Tessia (teh shuh)

    My Middle Name Choices
    Everlyn (yes, this kills my veto, but it's an alternate, personal form of Evelyn)
    *I also like flower names, but not Rose.

    How do you pronounces Imogen? Is it imm oh jen or imm oh jean

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ******************Please add suggestions to add to my list, please!!!********************************
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