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    Or Soren, without a j...
    -Augustine William - August tends to be a boys' name, but don't use it if you're not super fond of the nicknames. With Augustine, people will definitely try to shorten it.
    -Calix - Not a fan, as it sounds like "cow licks".
    -Jack - I particularly dislike this name, as it's so nicknamey. I much prefer John, nn Jack.
    -Cerulean - This is one of my guilty pleasure names. I must say that I really like it, but it might be too long for your last name. Moreover, it doesn't really fit with Sullivan.
    -Asher - I really do love Asher, even if it's becoming trendy. It has a great meaning and a long history...
    -Luka - So tired of variations of Luke.
    -Davis - I do like Davis, esp. with Sullivan... but you need to like Dave, as he might choose that nn for himself.
    -Vesper - Girly.
    -Phineas - Like it, but it doesn't fit so well with Sullivan.
    -Xavier - I always get the feeling like this is one of those names that people use to look classy (when they aren't)... I much prefer this as a mn.
    -Felix - I don't think people where I live could get over the cat association but I like the sound of the name a lot
    -Crusoe - Doesn't go with your last name at all.

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    For Jack maybe you could go with Jackson and use Jack as a nick name. What about Sorell for something similar to Soren?

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    My choices would be either Augustine or Vesper.

    Augustine is just gorgeous and I don't think August is a particularly feminine nn - besides, he might end up with a completely different nn.

    Vesper is one of my favorite names of all time for a boy - to me, it is not at all girly and i LOVe the combo Vesper William with your LN. Plus, it carried the "v" sound from sullivan that, to me, really works as a sibset.
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