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    Baby due in less than 4 weeks! Help please!!!


    I've posted on here before and received great feedback so I'm at it again! I'm getting very desperate, frustrated and worried...our baby (we do not know gender) is due mid-July and we had a false labour scare last week, so I feel like we'll be going early. I have some names narrowed down but I have issues with almost every one of them. My son's name is Sullivan Patrick and our last name sounds like Luh-go-zo (3 syllables). If we have a boy, his middle name will be William. I live in a smaller city/town where most boys are Jack, Oliver, Owen, Noah, Ryan, Connor, etc. I am interested in feedback on my names and any other suggestions would be so appreciated.

    Here is the list as it stands now (in no particular order):
    -Augustine William - like the full name, worry 'August' sounds too much like a girl's name ('confirmed' from feedback received from family and friends), do not like Gus at all
    -Calix - my brother's name is Alexander (goes by Al or Alex)
    -Jack - Like it, but seems a bit plain, do not like the lack of nickname potential
    -Cerulean - worry about pronunciation issues, plus a bit of a mouthful with my last name being 3 syllables
    -Asher - too trendy?
    -Luka - kind of bored with this already
    -Davis - like it but it's not super special and don't like Dave as nn potential
    -Vesper - new to my list - too girl?
    -Phineas - meh
    -Xavier - pretty sure a friend I know would like to use this in the future (it's her father's name)
    -Felix - I don't think people where I live could get over the cat association but I like the sound of the name a lot
    -Crusoe - my ln ends in 'o' and my sister-in-law's ln is Caruso. I do not like how people would pronounce this name with 3 syllables. I like the look and sound of this name and think it goes well with Sullivan...

    My husband likes the name Soren, which I do not. Any advice would be appreciated. I feel like I have seen every name out there. I don't want the name to be too obscure, but I also do not like common and/or trendy names. Some of the names I have on my girl list include, Scarlett, Mary-Wren, Crimson, Clover, Olympia, and Azalea.

    Thanks so much everybody!!

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    This is not meant to sound harsh, but I think your problem is that you are all over the place with your names, stylistically. And if you are a name nerd like so many of us, is easy to do---we all secretly want to be the old lady in the shoe so that we can indulge our various favorites.

    Sullivan Patrick is your starting point. You want a name that will sound like a plausible sibling. Several groups fit here....Irish names, surnames are the most obvious.

    In my opinion:

    Augustine, Calix, Felix and Xavier don't work because they've got a Latin vibe that doesn't work with Sullivan.
    Similarly the Biblical Phineas comes from a different world than Sullivan.
    Cerulean and Vesper don't work because they are too avant garde to work with the warm and familiar Sullivan.

    Davis (surname) and Jack (warm and familiar) do work, but they are a bit lackluster next to the richer Sullivan.
    Crusoe does work because it is a surprising surname with an interesting source. But I agree, many people would pronounce it Cuh-ru-so, and it would drive you, and eventually your son, mad.

    I will make just a few suggestions and wait for your input to see if you think the same way I do. If so, perhaps, we could brainstorm more.

    Robinson (a warm name, familiar like Sullivan, charming nns Robin, Robbie, Rob)
    Rafferty (a little more edgy, but nice)
    Lennox (again, a little edgy, works with Sullivan)
    Mailer, Abbott, Foster, or any of the occupational names
    Crosby, Webster, Stewart, Tyson, Garner, Edison....I could go on.....

    I wonder: What inspired Sullivan? Does it honor anyone? Is it a family name?

    Irish first names would work too:

    Garrett, Colm, Rory, Cormac......

    Another 'category' of name that comes to mind is perhaps a lot more me, Sullivan is a happy, almost devil-may-care name. Jack's there too. Dashiell, Wesley, Maxwell....

    Anyway, I should say that I haven't thought carefully about any of these suggestions....vetted them for sound, etc. They are just meant to suggest the directions that I think might be helpful to you....
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    Like Luka but love ppers suggestions of Abbott, Crosby, or Lennox
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    Have you thought about sjoren with a "j"? i had a student with that name and absolutely loved it. i think sjoren william actually sounds kind of nice. as for the names on your list...i think the ones that go the best with william and big brother sullivan are davis and xavier. can you ask your friend if you would be stepping on toes by using that name? good luck!

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    Hm. I agree with previous posters in that some of your names don't really "fit" with Sullivan. I see what you're going for, I think, and I'll try and suggest a few names that much work! Good luck!

    Angus William
    Fergus William
    Jasper William
    Lennon William
    Caspar William
    Finley William
    Fletcher William
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