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  • Patrick

    2 16.67%
  • Harrison

    1 8.33%
  • Hudson

    1 8.33%
  • Archer

    2 16.67%
  • Charlie

    2 16.67%
  • William

    0 0%
  • Edward

    2 16.67%
  • George

    2 16.67%
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    Post Boy Baby Names for last name "Pickering"

    Hi Newberry's,

    I am having my first child, a baby boy and we would like some feedback or suggestions from all you lovely people :-)
    Our last name is Pickering and we have a few names we like but we cant decide.
    If someone can provide us with some feedback on the names below or other names which will go with Pickering, we would be more than delighted with your help. Much appreciated.

    First Names:

    Middle Names:

    Please suggest some combinations or names that you think will go well with Pickeing.

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    I went for Charlie. Usually I'm not crazy about nicknames for full names, but Charlie is great.
    Your surname has some teasing potential - sounds a bit like a Dickensian pickpocket name to me. Charlie counteracts that peterpiperpepperpicker element, because Charlie is such a friendly "man of the people" name. You can't help but love a Charlie. Charlie Chaplin, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Brown, Charlie Parker.... The others are too formal imo.
    In terms of flow, any of your middles would work with Charlie. William might be a little I-heavy with your surname.
    Charlie George P..
    Charlie Douglas P...
    Charlie Dean P...
    Charlie Louis P...

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    Thanks Emma,

    Your feedback is really good. The last name will allways have that teasing potential but I really like how you explained why you thought Charlie will be a good name. it's amazing how feedback can really help people make an important decision. Thanks again Emmabobemma.

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    Och, I'm really loving the alliteration of Patrick Pickering (plus, Patrick has some really unexpected cool nns if you want to avoid Pat--Pax? Trick? Patch? I even really like Paddy...), and I just love Hudson in general. I read a novel several months (years, now?) ago set in Regency England with a really, really great guy who went by Hudson (it was his surname, but ah, it suited him so well). He was humble and approachable and kind and had a heart for serving others, and though he was a lowly butler, he dreamed like the stars couldn't even get in his way. I have the most wonderful image of Hudson after reading that book, and if Grayson wasn't so high on my list, Hudson probably would be. I adore it. And I think Hudson Pickering is great, too.

    I like the option of George Pickering, too--I think the straight-laced, formal, yet unexpected and down-to-earth George pairs really well with the cool and sort of funky feeling of Pickering. Plus, Geo could be a cute nn, or Georgie. I know you said it was a MN, but I think it'd be a cool FN, too. I like Hudson George and Patrick George best from your combos, as they are. I think George Harrison would be quite great, as well.

    And och, Charlie! I love the sweet, down-to-earth, all-American feel of Charlie (it feels like home and apple pie and maybe even a porch swing on a beautiful southern plantation), especially next to the quirky Pickering. Charles Edward nn Charlie, maybe? Or even Charlie Edward/Charlie George?

    Good luck!
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    Hi Ash the Dreamer,

    Thats fantastic help. I love George as a first name aswell. It's just getting the husband over the line as well :-) Your explanation of Patrick is amazing and I love the nick names of patrick. You were wonderfull help.
    thanks you Ashley

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