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Thread: 7 Month Itch

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    7 Month Itch

    Hello again, Berries!

    How is everyone?

    Olive is almost seven months old (how is that possible? can I freeze time, please?) and while we won't be trying for at least another year, I have the naming itch again! So this is all purely hypothetical, but I'd love it if you would humor me! You can never start thinking about names too soon, right?

    We plan on using either Hugo or Frederick if we ever get that elusive boy. But since we clearly have a knack for making girls, I think we should have a few girl's names ready, too.

    So tell me, what would you name a sister to Willa, Cora, Sybil, and Olive?

    I can't wait to see your suggestions!


    Mom to Willa, Cora, Sybil, and Olive.

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