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    Names having to do with water, islands, ocean, etc.

    I am trying to come up with a list of names having to do with water: names from islands, water, the ocean. Can you help?

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    Well there are the super obvious ones like Ocean, Lake, River and Brooke. Other ones

    -Doris (greek for "gift of the ocean")
    -Tallulah (means leaping waters)
    -Mayim (Hebrew for Water)
    -Naida (a Water Nymph in Greek Mythology)
    -Lynn (Welsh for Lake)
    -Eleri (name of a Welsh River)
    -Ondine (means little wave but was also a water sprite in german folklore)
    -Marina, Moira, Marissa (all mean "of the sea")
    -Morwenna (Welsh for Waves of the sea)

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    Thanks for the list! I wish we could just fill out the adoption paperwork already so I can stop second guessing my name choices. Now I'm trying to think of ideas that somehow connect to one of their birth names, which brought me to the current quest.

    We're still planning on Cassia for her first name but are now rethinking the middle name.

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    Nerissa- from the sea
    Cordelia- heart of the sea
    Nerida- sea nymph, mermaid
    Nada- dew at sunrise
    Lucerne- a Swiss lake
    Rialta- deep brook
    Zarya- Slavic water priestess
    Tallulah- leaping water
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