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    Does this combo work at all?

    So our front runner name at the moment is Hazel. Berries gave wonderful feedback on all of the name combos him and I agreed on but Hazel is our favorite. Other two were Delilah and Penelope. Our Hazel combo is Hazel June Marie. But the other day I thought of Hazel Estela Marie (Marie is my confirmation name so it has meaning).

    What do you berries think OR should I just stick to what we have?
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    Hazel June Marie is gorgeous! If I had to be a nitpicky critic, the only thing I would say is that I think the flow of Hazel Maria June would be better (if you're willing to use a variation of your Confirmation name). However, Hazel June Marie is very lovely.

    I'm not super into Estela/Estella, but I think the flow is a little better than Hazel June Marie.

    Looking at your other names, I'll add a quick comment that Hazel Delilah Marie would be quite stunning as well.
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    Hazel June Marie is gorgeous. I like June way better than Estela. Plus, Hazel, June, and Marie are all sort of the same style, and Estela sticks out a little bit. Maybe if you change the spelling to Estella it looks less Spanish and a little more old fashioned like the other names.
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    I prefer Hazel June Marie - it feels more fresh and modern.
    Hazel is already considered an "old-lady" name and matching it with Estela I think just compounds that feeling.
    It is a nice sounding combination, just not my favorite in form.
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    I prefer Hazel June Marie because every name has a similar feel to it. Estela doesn't seem to fit with the name the way that June does. I'm not a big fan of Penelope or Delilah (all that comes to mind for Delilah is the woman from the Bible who betrayed Samson and the song Hey There Delilah). If I were you, i would go with Hazel June Marie. It's a beautiful name!
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