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    Characters Names Needed.

    I need some unique names for my female characters.

    #1) Surname: Parker.
    Age: late 20s-early 30s.
    Younger brother: Jethro "Jett" Birch.
    (Lives in Chicago, then moves to North Carolina.)
    Appearance: wavy black hair (always doing something artsy with her hair, ex. dyeing unnatural colors), pale blue eyes, and porcelain skin.
    Personality: Quirky, funny, thoughtful, introverted, sweet, kind and caring, clever, down-to-Earth, understanding, selfless, artistic (artsy-farts kinda girl), bit of hipster, (Anorexia sufferer when younger).
    Profession: small-time actress and singer, author/screen-writer.
    Requirements for name: Good sib-set for her brother, needs to have one nature name followed by a uncommon, old-fashion middle name. (ex. Elowen.)

    #2) Surname: Lockhart.
    Age: 14-21.
    Twin sister: Iris Sophia Jane.
    Mother: Camille.
    (Lives in England.)
    Appearance: Naturally blonde hair, but dyes it a dark auburn with short, choppy haircut. Blue-green eyes. Causation.
    Personality: Smart,extroverted, sweet once you get to know her, a bit immature and a bit of a trickster, dresses edgy, deep, complicated, thoughtful, caring, (went through hard times with alcohol, drugs, cutting, and depression after the loss of her mother from cancer).
    Profession: singer/song-writter/author.
    Requirements: Another nature name, good sib-set with her twin sister, with two old-fashion middle names.

    Thank you Berries!
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    For your first character, Zinnia popped into my head. Way before I read that it needed to be a nature name. The name has a lot of spunk to it. I can definitely picture an artistic woman with that name. I actually like Zinnia Elowen.

    For the second character, I think something simple like Rose would work. Definitely something that comes across as classic and refined. For middle names...maybe something like Rose Charlotte Ann.

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    1st Character Ivy June Parker
    2nd Character Hazel Margaret Grace

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