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Thread: Revised Top 10

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    1. Skye ClarissaSkye is perfectly fine and lovely to me. However, Clarissa is a little bit “Explains it All” for me and the combo in general is rather clunky and has no flow
    2. Verity MaeveVerity isn’t at all feminine to me and the whole combo again has no flow, imo
    3. Verper Genevieve – Verper always reminds me of Vespa, Genevieve is flawless
    4. Rosalind Adelaide – Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special
    5. Emma Bronte – I sure hope you’re a huge, huge Emily Bronte fan and can deal with every other person who learns her name commenting on it
    6. Avril Camille – While I’m not a fan of Avril, it’s not bad at all. Combo doesn’t work for me/it all becomes one word
    7. Margo Cecilia – Great flow and sounds lovely. Margo Cecily is a step down
    8. Rowan Joy – I like it
    9. Adeline Rene – I like it as well, though Madeline Renee is much more stunning
    10. Juliet Audrey – I don’t like the flow again, but both fine names

    1. Emmett Jace – I like it, though it seems incomplete
    2. North Declan John – Not too many middles, but I strongly dislike the flow of this. Declan John North sounds a lot better.
    3. Jameson Silas – Though Jameson is less popular, it’s a lot more trendy and strikes me as very “this decade”. James Silas is handsome, despite the amount of “S” sounds
    4. Matias Job – Not my style of names, but definitely handsome
    5. Atticus Lochlan – I like it
    6. Draco LucianWAY to Harry Potter (Lucian is only steps from Lucius). I’d only use this if your last name was Malfoy.
    7. Candor Elijah – I can’t get behind Candor. Elijah is great and I’d prefer Elijah Candor by far.
    8. Felix Joel – I like this one
    9. River Thomas – No, not to odd. I see River being used more every month. The flow is a lot better than many of the other one’s.
    10. Jasper Tobias – I like this one as well

    SO, to summarize.
    Keep/I like:
    Margo Cecilia
    Rowan Joy
    Adeline/Madeline Renee

    Emmett Jace
    James Silas > Jameson Silas
    Matias Job
    Atticus Lochlan
    Felix Joel
    River Thomas
    Jasper Tobais

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