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    Revised Top 10

    WDYT of my revised top 10 list? Looking at the previous one, I agree that some of the combos weren't the greatest....
    1. Skye Clarissa - I LOVE the name Skye, so I'm not budging.
    2. Verity Maeve - Too trendy??
    3. Vesper Genevieve - Love Vesper, but I figured I needed something traditional for a middle.
    4. Rosalind Adelaide - Too many D's?
    5. Emma Bronte - Previous was Emma Rose. I agree there are probably gazillions of Emma Rose's in the world.
    6. Avril Camille - Also not budging on Avril. Open to middle name suggestions.
    7. Margo Cecilia - Idk I've always liked both of these so I put them together. Would Margo Cecily work?
    8. Rowan Joy - Too wordy??
    9. Adeline Rene - Rene is my middle name, and I thought Adeline (sounds like Adelaide but oh well) was fresher than Madeline.
    10. Juliet Audrey - I find this so romantic, but idk why.

    1. Emmett Jace - Trendy, yes. Do I care? Well... maybe
    2. North Declan John - too many middles?
    3. Jameson Silas - James is very popular so I thought I'd use the less popular Jameson.
    4. Matias Job - feels very tough and masculine to me. I wouldn't want to mess with a Matias Job.
    5. Atticus Lochlan - Love Atticus but not sure about the middle
    6. Draco Lucian - see Matias
    7. Candor Elijah - Candor is underused and I love Elijah and yeah
    8. Felix Joel - I just like it, no particular reason
    9. River Thomas - To odd?
    10. Jasper Tobias - Literature combo. yay

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