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Thread: Revised Top 10

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    Revised Top 10

    WDYT of my revised top 10 list? Looking at the previous one, I agree that some of the combos weren't the greatest....
    1. Skye Clarissa - I LOVE the name Skye, so I'm not budging.
    2. Verity Maeve - Too trendy??
    3. Vesper Genevieve - Love Vesper, but I figured I needed something traditional for a middle.
    4. Rosalind Adelaide - Too many D's?
    5. Emma Bronte - Previous was Emma Rose. I agree there are probably gazillions of Emma Rose's in the world.
    6. Avril Camille - Also not budging on Avril. Open to middle name suggestions.
    7. Margo Cecilia - Idk I've always liked both of these so I put them together. Would Margo Cecily work?
    8. Rowan Joy - Too wordy??
    9. Adeline Rene - Rene is my middle name, and I thought Adeline (sounds like Adelaide but oh well) was fresher than Madeline.
    10. Juliet Audrey - I find this so romantic, but idk why.

    1. Emmett Jace - Trendy, yes. Do I care? Well... maybe
    2. North Declan John - too many middles?
    3. Jameson Silas - James is very popular so I thought I'd use the less popular Jameson.
    4. Matias Job - feels very tough and masculine to me. I wouldn't want to mess with a Matias Job.
    5. Atticus Lochlan - Love Atticus but not sure about the middle
    6. Draco Lucian - see Matias
    7. Candor Elijah - Candor is underused and I love Elijah and yeah
    8. Felix Joel - I just like it, no particular reason
    9. River Thomas - To odd?
    10. Jasper Tobias - Literature combo. yay

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    1. Skye Clarissa - Personally, I'm not a fan of Skye, but if you love it then that's great. Clarissa I don't really like either it seems very posh girl with horses if that makes sense.
    2. Verity Maeve - I really like this combination, it sounds really cheerful and happy.
    3. Vesper Genevieve - I would prefer Vesper in the middle spot as I really like it but it is quite out there. Genevieve I've never really liked, I'm never sure which way it's pronounced.
    4. Rosalind Adelaide - I think there is a few too many d's. Though they are both beautiful names. Rosalie Adelaide maybe?
    5. Emma Bronte - I think it would sound better if the middle was a 3 syllable name, with the two two syllable names it sounds a bit sharp and abrupt to me.
    6. Avril Camille - I adore Camille, but I don't think it works with Avril, there's too many L's and it almost seems like the two names rhyme.
    7. Margo Cecilia - I prefer the Margot spelling, I just think it looks a lot more finished, I like both Margot Cecily and Margot Cecilia, I think it would probably depend on which sounded better with the last name.
    8. Rowan Joy - I can never say anything bad about Rowan, ever. Fantastic, best name in the world! I do like it with Joy.
    9. Adeline Rene - I like it, it's pretty.
    10. Juliet Audrey - Like Juliet, very much dislike Audrey. I get that it's popular in the States but to me it will forever be an old lady name, and not the cute vintage ones that sound fresh again.

    1. Emmett Jace - I really like Emmett, I think it is a wonderful name. Jace reminds me of Janelle from Teen Mom, so naturally, I don't like it. Emmett James maybe?
    2. North Declan John - It sounds like somebody's surname followed by their first and middle name, like on a register. I much prefer Declan John North, I think it flows a lot better.
    3. Jameson Silas - I think there is too much of an S sound in the whole name.
    4. Matias Job - I quite like Matais, I have no idea how you pronounce Job, is it like the word?
    5. Atticus Lochlan - I really like this combination.
    6. Draco Lucian - Very Harry Potter-esque
    7. Candor Elijah - Candor means truth doesn't it? (I'm going off the time I read Divergent). I prefer it Elijah Candor, simply because I prefer to put the more unusual name in the middle spot.
    8. Felix Joel - I like it.
    9. River Thomas - I'm not really a fan, to me it sounds like somebody is pointing out a river to somebody named Thomas.
    10. Jasper Tobias - I like it, I prefer Tobiah to Tobias though.

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    I like:

    Vesper Genevieve
    Rosalind Adelaide
    Avril (prefer Camellia in the middle spot)
    Margo (prefer Margo Cecile)
    Juliet (prefer Juliet Adrienne)

    North (I don't mind two middles, but North Declan John seems really unbalanced)
    Matias Job
    Atticus (Lochlan doesn't really work -- how about Atticus North?)
    River Thomas (LOVE this combo)
    Jasper Tobias
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    1. Skye Clarissa - Skye is lovely! I don't love Clarissa, it sounds a little dated -- you might consider Skye Helena, Skye Felicity, Skye Alessandra, or Skye Rosalie!
    2. Verity Maeve - A little trendy, but I like it, especially Maeve.
    3. Vesper Genevieve - Nice.
    4. Rosalind Adelaide - Maybe too many D's. Rosalind Maeve or Rosalind Joy could work, pulling from your other middles.
    5. Emma Bronte - Very literary. I like it, but I don't know -- something's preventing me from loving it. It sounds a little...harsh?
    6. Avril Camille - Not a huge fan of Camille, either. Avril Celeste, Avril Clementine, Avril Catherine?
    7. Margo Cecilia - I like the Margot spelling more, and Margot Cecily is pretty.
    8. Rowan Joy - I like Rowan better for a boy, I think.
    9. Adeline Rene - Pretty!
    10. Juliet Audrey - The name doesn't really ~flow, in my opinion. It depends on your last name. I love Juliet and like Audrey, the combination just seems discordant.

    1. Emmett Jace - Maybe Emmett James? Jace is the trendier of the two names.
    2. North Declan John - I'm not a two-middles person, usually. This combo seems a little unbalanced. I like Declan North or Declan John, or North Declan.
    3. Jameson Silas - I'm not a huge Jameson fan, though I know what you mean about James being popular. There's also a lot of "S" sound.
    4. Matias Job - I like it.
    5. Atticus Lochlan - Love Atticus as well. Maybe Atticus North, like augusta_lee suggested.
    6. Draco Lucian - Way, way too much Harry Potter. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and yeah -- Draco Lucian just makes me think of Draco Lucius Malfoy who wasn't very masculine or tough.
    7. Candor Elijah - I've never heard Candor before, but it's quite nice.
    8. Felix Joel - Lovely.
    9. River Thomas - Hm. It's alright, just not my style.
    10. Jasper Tobias - Gorgeous!

    Out of your current lists, my favorites are Adeline Rene, Vesper Genevieve, Verity Maeve, Felix Joel, and Jasper Tobias.
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    I love so many of your name choices that I'm sad that I find many of your combos off. I made some suggestions I hope you like. But overall great individual names.

    1. Skye Clarissa - I prefer Clarissa Skye it has to do with the emphasis on the individual syllables that just flows better. But, since you love Skye as a fn so much... how about Skye Rose or Skye Genevieve.
    2. Verity Maeve - This and the following two feel mis-matched (mostly because you have strong consonants that are repeated in both or visually similar letters). How about Verity Adelaide? (it get's rid of the vyv thing that bugs me and sounds beautiful, and gives you a more traditional name to balance out the wordy Verity.
    3. Vesper Genevieve - Too many v's. Vesper Rosalind or Vesper Adelaide would be great! They give you those traditional mn's without the repetitive v's and e's.
    4. Rosalind Adelaide - I agree, too many heavy d's and they both feel equally old fashioned/classic to me. I'd spice up Rosalind with Vesper or Verity. I really like Rosalind Verity.
    5. Emma Bronte - This is too close to Emily Bronte. Why not choose pair Emma with one of your other more unusual choices? Or how about Emma Blair?
    6. Avril Camille - sorry I don't love either of these. I think you have much better on your list.
    7. Margo Cecilia - I actually really like Margo Cecily.
    8. Rowan Joy - Oddly wordy. How about Rowan Adeline?
    9. Adeline Rene - see below.
    10. Juliet Audrey - I love both of these, I hate them together. Sorry. I really like Juliet Rene though and Audrey Clarissa.

    1. Emmett Jace - I love Emmett and dislike Jace. How about Emmett North?
    2. North Declan John - not too many mn's. Too many one syllable names. A longer version of John might suit better.
    3. Jameson Silas - This is really s heavy. I'd probably go with Jameson Elias. (Elias and Silas have a very similar feel to me and Elias would eliminate the one s sound).
    4. Matias Job - this feels very biblical to me. I prefer Mathias (even if you want the German pronunciation). Mathias Jace feels fresher to me than Matias Job.
    5. Atticus Lochlan - I would go with Atticus Joel. It gives me this great mixture image of a nerdy tough guy.
    6. Draco Lucian - hahaha. next to Matias Job this feel like the demonic version. Sorry wasn't laughing at the name choices just that you said see Matias and I keep picturing them as the "good" twin and the "bad" twin. I really like this with Mathias Jace though, they would feel really even keel and complimentary.
    7. Candor Elijah - I feel like you have better name combos. I don't think Candor shines in this combo. How about Candor Emmanuel? Or Candor Jeremiah.
    8. Felix Joel - too sound bite-y. How about Felix Jameson?
    9. River Thomas - I love this one!
    10. Jasper Tobias - I really like both of these names and have them on an extended list, I just don't like them together all that much. My combos are Jasper Leonardo and Tobias Vincent.
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