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    Pick your favorite!

    Which of these three names do you like best and why? I have included some middle name options as well. Thanks.

    Hazel-This is my personal favorite of the three listed. Not concerned with the popularity factor either since in my opinion Hazel is only common on Nameberry. I personally have never met a Hazel and think it is a very classic, sweet and refreshing choice. Would like to go with a double middle name option with this one. Her full name would be Hazel June Marie-Marie is my great grandmother's name. Thoughts?

    Ines-I really like the exotic flair that this name has. I also like that it is underused but still recognizable. It is the name of one of my favorite cousins and I would love to honor her. However, hubby is not fond of this name AT ALL! which is a bit disappointing because it's in my top 3 right now. Having a hard time coming up with a family middle name that flows well too. Some family names I've considered using are Anabel after my mother and Marie again after my great grandmother. Wouldn't mind using a variant of either name. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Meadow-This is my most recent love. Haven't brought it up to hubby yet so don't know if it's a keeper or not. I kind of have a thing for nature and flower names, so this fits right in. I think it's fresh and different without being weird. The only problem I have with it is the whole Soprano association, however I think her generation may not even remember the show. I like the combo Meadow Ann. I think it needs to be paired with a more classic name to balance it out. What do you all think?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate all your feedback

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    My personal preference is...

    1 Ines - it's rare and exotic but still familiar. But if your hubby doesn't like it...then it really should be eliminate. Ines Anabel Marie, Ines Annika Marie, Ines Hannah Marie, Ines Anne Marie?
    2 Hazel - not my favourite colour or vintage name but Hazel June Marie is darling.
    3 Meadow - I would only use this name as a quirky mn choice.
    All the best,

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    I really love Hazel. It's a name I would really consider but my surname starts with 'Spread' and it sounds like Nutella! As you don't have that issue I would go for it and Hazel June Marie sounds lovely.

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    I like Meadow simply because I knew a really sweet exotic Meadow. However, I would never use it on my child. I am not a fan of Hazel unless it is a pet's name. Ines is ok. Not really my style either.

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    My favourite is Ines but if your hubby doesn't like it then you really should take it off your list. I also really like Hazel.

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