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    I know 4 Audreys. Two are adults and two are toddlers. I don't know any Aubreys. It could be a regional thing but Audrey seems way more popular around these parts.
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    I know one little girl tamar is 7 names Audrey Claire. She is so precious! I think Audrey is beautiful!
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    I had an Audrey when I worked at a daycare (she should be 4 now). The problem was I also had an Aubrey. Often both were called Audrey since Aubrey is a boy name to most around here. The names only have one letter difference so you'd have to expect mix-ups, even if Aubrey wasn't popular

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    My niece is 12 and she's an Audrey (named after her paternal grandmother). My son also had an Audrey in his 1st grade class last year.
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    I grew up with an Aubrey and know one now that is about 10.

    I have a great aunt Audrey and know a couplr around around 3-4 years old.

    My daughter is Audra and she does get Audrey a fair bit when people first hear her name but never Aubrey.

    We are in So Cal with a lot of family and friends in the Midwest.

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