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    Do you know an Audrey?

    Audrey is one of our front-runners for a baby girl due in ~6 weeks, but one thing that keeps bugging me is that every time I've mentioned the name, someone mentions the name Aubrey as well. Like "that's pretty...I like Aubrey, too, have you thought of that?" Or even "Did you say Audrey or Aubrey?" I was shocked when I first heard the name Aubrey, b/c I honestly don't know any, and yet it has zoomed past Audrey on the charts to become a top 20 name! Maybe it's a regional thing? (I live in the Northeast U.S.)

    So I'm looking for feedback from moms of Audreys, family members of Audreys, people who know baby or young child Audreys to see if this is a regular occurrence-- will she always have to say "Audrey, not Aubrey?" Are the names that closely linked in people's minds that you get a lot of comments like that? I'm talking about children being named Audrey now, since Aubrey has only become uber-popular in the last couple of years. I would really appreciate hearing any personal experiences you have to share. Thanks!

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    I know one adult Audrey and one infant Audrey. Lovely name. I am not as crazy about Aubrey. It has a trendy feel to it.

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    I know Audrey Hepburn No, surprisingly, I haven't heard of one. It's just not popular here but I am sure your daughter won't get "Aubrey with "d"" all the time. It's a nice name.

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    I have a classmate called Audrey. As far as I know, no one's mistaken her name for Aubrey, and we have several Aubreys at our school. She's very smart, on the leadership board for several on-campus clubs and has a very sweet personality.

    I would pick Audrey over Aubrey any day; it's very Old Hollywood to me
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    I have never met an Audrey. Not an adult or a baby. But Audrey is my favourite girls name. It's classic and sweet.

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