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Thread: Bay <3

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    What do you guys think of Bay Madeline? My name is Madison, so Madeline is a way to honor me without using my entire name. More opinions would be great! Thanks. :-)

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    Bay Madeline is lovely. Bay is a great name-- bright, happy, nature-related without being over-precious or too quirky. It's also a fairly strong name; I suppose its most famous bearer is Bay Buchanan. Also I certainly, certainly don't agree with her politics she is a strong woman who carved a niche in a man's world back when it was almost unheard of.
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    Bay is too short for my taste but lovely in general, quirky and strong.

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    Bay Madeline is lovely!!

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    This may not be the least bit helpful, but a girl I knew in school was called Beatrice, but one of her parents was French and pronounced it "Bay-uh-treece", and her nn was Bay. I always thought it was cute.
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