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    Talking suggestions please!!

    I have a 14 month old named Rieley Hendrix, and expecting another BOY!
    Me and my fiance have kinda different taste in names so its hard to agree on anything.
    I would like the name to fit with Rieley.

    Some names that I like:

    Bryson ( maybe with different spelling )
    Jack ( my great grandpa )

    Some names that my fiance has mentioned to me:


    ***and he said Bryce was starting to grow on him... but its not set yet!

    Out of our names id like to hear some suggestions

    *** if you know any names starting with Bry that I didn't mention let me know!
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    My favourite from them all is Phoenix, followed by River. But if you call him Phoenix River or River Phoenix there would be a large question mark over his gender. Phoenix Royce could be a nice combo. Other suggestions: Devon, Ash / Ashton / Asher, Archer, Aspen, Rylan, Brooks, Shane, Shay, Ellis, Quinn, Xander, Finn / Fynn, Flynn, Beckett, and Kade?
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    Thanks Millie
    The problem is he doesn't like Phoenix... lol
    He doesn't like any of my names and Idont like his.
    But I do like River as a middle name.
    Like Phoenix River is really cute!

    And i LOVE your name suggestions! But my fiance would probably not.
    He likes really old names usually and I like newer and kinda different names so were trying to go somewhere in between.

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    Talking A name that rhymes with Rieley

    Me and my fiance are really liking Rylan as our sons name to be but its a toss up between that and Xaedyn. And our other sons names are Taevyn Gage and Trevyn Maddox. But I thought Rylan sounds cute with Rieley! BTW I really like Rieley!!!!!

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    Aw thanks! @ aprylbaby81

    With Rieley his name just came to me out of the blue and Iwrote down every possible way to spell it and "Rieley" was my favorite and I've never
    Met a Rieley...

    My fiances grandmas neighbors had a baby right after we had Rieley and they named him Rylan so that's a no go...

    I love your sons names too!
    And I love xaedyn!

    I have a friend with a son named Maddox and I think its the cutest name ever, and Gage has always been one of my faves but my man doesn't like it... he always associates names with a literal term... like gage reminds him of an actual gage of something like when you pierce your ears...

    I love how Taevyn and Trevyn just flow with eachother... that's what a want but names that start with Bry are calling to me!

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