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Thread: Bruin?

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    I like it; as I'm from NZ where Ice Hockey is incredibly small scale(I think there are two permanent rinks in the entire country!), I have no association whatsoever with the Hockey Team which shares the name.

    I'm sure I had a book when I was little that may have even been my dad's when he was a kid, and i'm certain it was about a little brown bear named Bruin. So it kind of gives me warm fuzzies when I think about it
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    I didn't know the sports connection until the other posters mentioned it. I did see ruin right away.

    What about:

    Caleb Rune nn. Bruin
    Jacob Rune nn. Bruin

    I think that would fit the sib set better and be easier to persuade someone of.

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    Bruin is a surname (maybe not common, but I know one huge family of Bruins!). It's a Dutch word meaning "brown" and Old English for "brown bear." So given my associations, it kind of fits with the surname trend. I also don't follow hockey personally, but that is probably what's going to jump into everyone's head (given the answers on this thread!). I do agree that the sibset wouldn't flow as nicely as it could--but I wouldn't say Bruin's too unique. I've definitely seen MORE unique!

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    I'm Australian and I know absolutely nothing about American hockey teams so when I see Bruin, I don't think of the 'Boston Bruins,' I just don't like the name in general. I feel Gwendolyn and Mason are very strong, classy names and then I see Bruin and like most of the other people, all I focus on is 'ruin.'
    Unless it has special meaning to you, I'd keep looking.
    Good luck though!
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    If you live in the States, people are going to think you're massive hockey fans - or that you're bandwagon-fans who went crazy for the Bruins because they're playing for the cup right now. I'm a big hockey fan and the Bruins are a fantastic team this year (and that pains me to say as I'm a NY Rangers fan)... but if that's not what the name means to you, I'd probably keep looking. They're already a big, well-known team - if they win the cup this year, they'll be even bigger (at least for awhile) - so your timing is just kind of off for using it I think. What about Brannon or Brennan or something along those lines?

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