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Thread: Bruin?

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    If I met a Bruin, I would think his parents were some big hockey fans.

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    Yup, I see both the hockey reference and the word 'ruin.'

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    The Stanley Cup Finals are being played RIGHT NOW and the teams are the Chicago Blackhawks playing the Boston Bruins. Most people will only know Bruin as a team mascot. I know someone who used Blackhawk as a middle name and they were HUGE hockey fans who were pregnant when the Hawks won the cup in 2010. If you are not huge hockey fans I think using Bruin would be strange. If Bruin were in a sibling set with Mason and Gwendolyn I would think that you lost a bet and your hockey fanatic husband got to name your third.

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    I know NOTHING about hockey, so I wouldn't be able to chime in about that type of connection. However, I agree that I pretty much just see "ruin" with a "B" crammed in front of it. Maybe there is an entirely different - similar - name that can distance itself from bad associations? Even changing the spelling (normally I'm not fond of kre8tiv spellings, but in this case the pros outweigh the cons) to something like Brewyn might help. What about Bevin?

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