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Thread: Bruin?

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    I told myself I'd never go for something too unique! Well, I'm a liar. Google doesn't even offer that much guidance. Bruin is the Danish version of Bruno according to some sites. Really, I'm just grasping at straws to make this name appear a bit more normal to my husband who feels that it's more of a sports mascot...

    Is Bruin too far out there?
    His older siblings are Gwendolyn and Mason

    Thank you!

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    The name makes me think of the hockey team, the Boston Bruins. If Boston is special to you and your big hockey fans, then go for it! If not, keep looking! I don't think it can be "more normal".
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    Thank you

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    Yep, I immediately thought of the Boston Bruins. I don't think it goes well with Gwendolyn and Mason, either. I know matching sets aren't everything but I like it when the names at least compliment each other.
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    I'm sorry, I just see RUIN.
    Any interest in

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