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    I like both and it would depend on the last name.
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    Our last name is Smith- how unusual, right!?- and I think both names go equally well with it. I do prefer Asher to Maxwell, but I prefer Max to Ash. I think Asher is in the lead, though, and now we arrive at our second dilemma: the middle name! We really wanted to choose Emerson, Wise, or Sage (all personally meaningful) but I don't think any go very nicely with Asher. I think Asher may need a more substantive name in the middle. Also a name that doesn't begin with S or his initials would be unbecoming. Any suggestions?
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    Both Maxwell and Max sound a little better with Smith compared to Asher Smith/Ash Smith (to my ears anyway).

    Maxwell Wise and Maxwell Sage remind me of the TV show "Get Smart" where the secret agent's name is Maxwell Smart! Maxwell Emerson would probably be my pick from your choices.

    There are an abundance of s's in Asher Wise, Asher Sage and Asher Emerson so they're not ideal. Are there any family names you would like to use as a middle name?

    Middle Name Suggestions for Asher

    Asher Wilde
    Asher Noble
    Asher Henry
    Asher Benjamin
    Asher Timothy
    Asher Dean
    Asher Donovan
    Asher Tynan
    Asher Roland
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