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    I like both Asher and Ash.
    I like the nickname Max, but not Maxwell.

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    I do love nn MAX, have you thought about Maximus or Maximilian? I don't know why but Asher sounds so pretentious and preppy to me, much prefer Ash as a standalone name. Good luck! I struggled a lot to find any boy names I liked, so I totally feel your pain!
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    I love the name Maxwell sounds strong and love Max! It now a lot of little Ashers, very popular where I'm from so makes it too common for me.

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    While I don't think you need to worry about Maxwell going to the dogs, I do think Asher is much nicer so as long as Asher goes with your surname Asher gets my vote.
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    I like Maxwell best, although Max is very popular where I live... I also think Maxim is a great, quirky way to get to Max

    Asher is very popular in my corner of Australia, but for girls... with lots of kre8tiv spellings... but if it's still says boy where you are, I think it would also be fine.

    Good luck!
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