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    Is Opal poised for a come-back?

    Just out of curiosity. Do you think Opal is going to re-emerge like its gemstone counterparts, Pearl and Ruby? Or do you think it will remain relatively unused despite the popularity of 'grandma' names? I am name-crushing on Opal so I'd like to know your thoughts on its trajectory! Thanks! -K

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    I only know one Opal and it's the stage name of a 30 something, I can't see it being as big as Ruby but would expect it to be heading upwards with the general gemstone trend.
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    Meh. It sounds so closed, it really drops when you say it. And then plus, the well-read of my generation (in terms of fantasy) would associate the name with a villain from Artemis Fowl. So probably not.
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    I love Opal! I think it'll go a little bit at least, but nowhere near as popular as Ruby. I think you're relatively safe. It might have a blip in popularity strictly because of it being a gemstone name, but I don't think it will be in the Top 100 anytime soon.
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    I don't think it has potential for a Cinderella Story, but it could make a small comeback.
    I love Opal myself!
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