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  • Antonia Eloise

    51 76.12%
  • Persephone Eloise

    16 23.88%
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    Velvet - this is too funny since we have the same due date. I just sent an email to my best friend yesterday that Antonia was one of my favourites (nickname Annie, as well) but probably not actually in my running for this baby (it just gets bumped in favour of more prevelant family names and better middle name options). I think it's pan-European and classic, just gorgeous. I find Persephone just trying to hard a bit for my personal taste but people say that about my names, any way!

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    Antonia, all the way.
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    I like Persephone but Antonia wins the poll for me! I like its meaning much better and it flows well with Eloise as a mn. Antonia is a multi-cultural name that would be fine for a mixed race child. It has history, it's strong and elegant.
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    I adore Antonia. It's sleek, urbane, continental in the true sense (pan-national really). It has a gorgeous upper-crust vibe. Obviously with a son called Antoine I could never use it, but it's been a long-time favorite. I don't think it rings particularly Italian and if the middle name is set in stone as Eloise, it sounds much better than Persephone which ends with the same sound as Eloise begins with.
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    I prefer Antonia.

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