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  • Antonia Eloise

    51 76.12%
  • Persephone Eloise

    16 23.88%
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    As tempted as I am by the initials PEP (so peppy!) Antonia is too beautiful to pass up. The double vowels in both Antonia and Eloise give the name continuity, as does the eccentric ladylike elegance of both names. Persephone is beautiful too, but a completely different animal than Eloise.

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    Both names are beautiful, but I went with Antonia. The nickname Annie is so so cute! Congratulations on your new baby!

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    I love both names, but Antonia is better all-around in this case. Nickname Annie works great (doesn't at all for Persephone IMHO.) Flows much better with middle name Eloise. No PP initials. And it has a much better meaning. Also, Persephone is undeniably Greek. Antonia is exotic in a global sort of way. It's not just Italian; it's used in Spanish, English, German, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, etc. I think it's perfect!

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    I like Persephone, but I'm not buying it with the other details you shared. I just don't see Annie as a short form of Persephone? Except for that partial rhyme at the end? Too much of a stretch for me.

    I also don't think anyone would blink at a mixed race girl named Antonia. As the above poster said, it's "exotic in that global sort of way," where it feels like she could be from anywhere.

    I also personally dislike alliteration, so that tips it to Antonia as well. While Persephone Eloise P___, might have a nice flow, Persephone P___ (what it will most often be) has the potential to be very cartoony. Especially with an unusual/mythological name like Persephone.

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    Antonia for sure.

    It sounds best with Eloise and a P surname, and it really lends itself to the nickname Annie. Plus, it's gorgeous!

    I wouldn't worry about Antonia causing confusion or being too Italian. It's used in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. It's a very international name.
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