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    Antonia or Persephone

    If baby is a girl, we want to use the nn "Annie" and our last name is one syllable and starts with a "P".

    Antonia: love the meaning (priceless) and the fact that it is unusual but classic, but not sure if it is too "Italian" sounding. I love everything Italian, but we aren't Italian and our child will be mixed-race, so this could cause confusion;

    Persephone: has real meaning to me as I've always loved Greek mythology, and amazingly my husband really likes this name, but not sure if it is too pretentious and one possible meaning (bringer of death) is not exactly what I'd want for my beautiful little girl. I know that "Annie" is a bit of a long shot diminuitive, but I think it just about works phonetically.
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    This was really close for me. I like them both.

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    I adore the nickname Annie, but Antonia wins it for me on the full name. It's just that little bit more intuitive, and the way I say Persephone, I don't hear the 'annie' bit, it's more 'oh-nee'. Antonia Eloise flows better than Persephone Eloise too. I guess it depends on your accent, but I think Antonia Persephone <Park> works fine as a combo. Yes both names are long but with a one-syllable surname I think you can get away with it. Unless you're completely set on Eloise as a middle, that is.

    Oh, and about the Italian thing: The only little Antonia I've met was an adorable little thing who was in no way Italian, and I think it would work absolutely fine on a mixed race child. I don't foresee any confusion at all.
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    I voted on the poll! It's 50/50 so far.
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    I really like Persephone but I don't think the nickname Annie works for it. Antonia is great for a mixed-race girl, it's one of those names that's exotic without really being tied down to one nationality. Persephone is very much recognizable as greek, so I think Antonia wins on that front. Antonia also flows better with Eloise.
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