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    I like Delilah and Dahlia.

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    I like Delilah, and when I hear it, I think of "Hey there Delilah" by Plain White T's and the radio talk show host of 98.5 at night.

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    Amity is original but may have setbacks...

    The name Amity immediately caught my eye. It's short and sweet-sounding with the "tee" ending. Given its originality, your daughter would certainly be the only or nearly the only Amity around town. Plus, it means "friendship"... adorable!

    However, I also immediately associated the name with the "Amityville Horror" and the town of Amity, Massachusetts-- Spielberg's 1975 fear-stricken town in "JAWS". Both connotations are a bit scary to say the least. But maybe I'm just a movie buff.

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    I think Dahlia, Delilah, and Alexandria are all super pretty names. And of the three the one I think sounds the 'prettest' would have to be Dahlia. I just think it has a very pretty sound to it.
    If I had a baby right now, I'd name it,
    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
    I also like Cashel, Gabriel, Genevieve, & Juliette. + So much more.
    I'm Ashley btw, and I'm 20!

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    This is how I feel tonight. On another day, I might re-order these three names.
    Dahlia is the prettiest.
    Alexandria is next.
    Sierra is also pretty.

    The other ones are not my style due to associations.

    Good Luck!

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