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    Which name suits my character?

    age 16 born 1997

    She is a profession netball in England. She has a bubbly personality and is fun to be around, she is funny and always happy. Till her netball manager forces her into more netball and sents her to Australia to play for a Australian team. She starts to have no social life and fails her classes in school. Which she just isn't happy or joyful anymore but feels dead.
    She has a newborn baby boy. She is always fun to be around and is good for a laugh. She would do anything for her brother. She hates her mother had has since her dad died when she was 5, which is why her brother and her are so close. Her bother has Down syndrome, she doesn't get along with her step family at all.

    Names I thought off: Alexandria, Amity and Sierra.

    I want a name that is memorable, like primrose in hunger names (scene everyone remembers that name)

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