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    Love Jude and spencer from your boys list, I think Jude in particular could work well with your subset. Would you consider Darcy for a girl?

    Florence, iris and Heidi are my favourites from your girls list, I think Heidi would work well.

    Your sons names are lovely.

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    Boys in order:

    I like Samuel, but it doesn't share the same vibe. Harold, Asher and Abel don't seem quite right next to Maximilian and Felix.
    I didn't think I'd like Darcy or Spencer with this sibset, but Spencer especially is growing on me.

    Girls in order:
    Anthea - this seems like the perfect choice. Cannot express how much I love it.
    Flora/Florence - Shares the old-world charm, and I love the nn Flora
    Beatrice - Just a lovely fit

    Stella, Eleanor, Clementine, and Iris are all great choices too.
    Lyra, Hazel and Heidi don't work for me with the sibset. I'm not sure how to react to Mietta as a name.

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    Harold- Not a fan. I love names that sound old man-ish, but I just don't like Harold.
    Jude- Great! Love it! Short, simple, and sweet
    Samuel- Classic and strong, I like it, but don't love it.
    Edward- Classic and strong like Samuel, but much more handsome.
    Gus- Short like Jude and old like Harold, cute!
    Asher- I have always loved Asher!
    Spencer- Cute and a bit trendy.
    Abel- Nice and short, an okay name
    Darcy- Sounds very feminine to me...
    I would take Harold, Samuel, Abel and Darcy off the list

    Florence- I have a HUGE name crush on Florence. Love the nn Flora or Florrie!
    Eleanor- A feminine and timeless name, love!
    Clementine- This name has started to grow on me, but I am not quite won over yet.
    Iris- Short and sweet
    Anthea (nn Annie)- Not a fan...
    Beatrice- Cute! Love love love Beatrice!
    Stella- I loved this name for so long, and now it is on my guilty pleasures list! Love Stella!
    Hazel- Hazel is such a sweet spunky name!
    Heidi- Sounds very heavy to me, if that make sense?
    Mietta- Not sure how to pronounce this name, and feel like it would be very hard for a child to grow up with this name:P
    Lyra- Cute, but a bit popular to me
    I would take Clementine, Anthea, Heidi, Mietta, and Lyra off the list.

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