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    Leo. 1000%
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    Some names that might be meaningful...
    Anders- "warrior" (relatively rare, but I know the cutest boy with this name)
    Cadell- "little battle"
    Cedric- "war chief"
    Duncan- "brown warrior"
    Gabriel- "warrior of God"
    Gideon- "mighty warrior"
    Kane- "little battle"
    Killian- "little warrior" (love)
    Kyler- "little warrior"
    Lewis- "famous warrior"
    Nolan- "little champion"
    Rainier- "wise warrior"

    Names that mean "wished for"/ "waited for":
    Bennet "blessed"
    Reuben "behold, a son"
    Samuel- Hannah couldn't have a son... she prayed and got Samuel. His name means "told by God"
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    I prefer Leo.

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    Leo, hands down. It's infinitely better than Caden (blegh!!)

    There are so many Cadens, Caidens, Caydens, Caidyns, Kadens, etc. in the world already.

    Leo is distinctive, timeless, and handsome. Caden is overused and already becoming dated.
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    You must fight this fight. Leo is infinitely better than Caden. If he can't come around to Leo (which I adore) then come up with a new name. Leo exudes strength and charm, while Caden lacks character. Not a great name, so don't give in!

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