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    Definitely Leo stands out and great flow.

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    Thanks so its mostly one sided towards Leo and the comments you posted are pretty much just how I feel. I love Leo although I know it's only going to increase in popularity and Caden has a nice sound to it and very cute but to trendy with the other similar sounding names. I think foe hubby the meaning came into play a lot which is "fighter", (I lost 3 babies before this one!). So I understand his reasoning, any suggestions of first names that go with the mn would be appreciated

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    I like Leo much better. To meet in the middle though: Finnigan nn Finn, or just Finn. Also Theodore since its similar to Leo?
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    Where I love Kade. I dislike Caden/Kaden a lot, it just sounds really popular and trendy. I'm not a massive fan of Leo but out of the two that would be what I'd pick. If it were Leo and Kade/Cade I'd go wih the latter.
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    Leo William John! Nothing against Caden, but it is too popular right now for comfort.
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