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    Although it completely depends on the surname, I'd also say I am not a fan of Caden... Caden, Jaden, Aiden, Braeden, etc... it's just so trendy, and even if there's not another Caden in his class, other rhyming children will be. I'd also say that you guys should look for a compromise...
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    Of the two I prefer Leo, but I'm really smitten with William. What about just William John?

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    Leo is a classic name with history and depth. Caden is a trendy brother of all of the sound-alikes (Aidan, Jayden, Braden etc...). I think Leo is a great name for all ages and it certainly ages well. I can't imagine a mature man with the name Caden (we do live most of our lives as adults).
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    Of the choices I prefer Leo. But another idea I really like is Cade.

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    Although my three year olds name is the much disliked name cayden- I think you should follow your hearts (as we did)
    Would you two be open to additional fn ideas that may go with your Middle names?

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