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    Hubby likes one I like another, which one?

    Please can you give me opinions on these baby names as I'm set on one and hubby on another which I don't care for at all!

    My pick for a baby boy is:
    Leo William John (both mn are family names I would love to use)

    His pick is:
    Caden William John

    So just after opinions on what sounds better or general comments on Caden, as maybe ill come round to it!

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    I like Leo best. I've met a few toddlers named Leo recently and it really is handsome on a little boy. I don't know any Cadens, but its not a bad name. It fits with all the other -aden ending names that are so popular.

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    I like Leo better than Caden. Leo is a handsome classic, Caden feels more trendy to me with the popularity of Aidan and his rhymes and is more likely to have spelling problems given the number of ariations I've seen (Cayden, Kaden, Kayden etc)

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    I greatly prefer Leo to Caden.

    However, I could be reading you wrong but are the middle names both your family and your choice? If so I'd probably give greater weight to his preference.

    Otherwise is the a compromise name that would be neither first choice but you both can live with?

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    I definitely prefer Leo to Caden - one of my favorites!

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