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    An exhausted, listless list

    We're having another boy! In my heart I was looking forward to naming another little girl, but it became abundantly clear at my ultrasound that my little Mollie is not going to have a little sister this time. I even kept asking the technician if she wasn't sure, but she proceeded to point out from multiple angles that she was 100% sure that we were having a boy.

    This presents a problem in the naming area. It was quite an ordeal to agree upon a name for our last son (which suits him beautifully) and our list is even more exhausted and picked over this time around.

    I'd love some of your brilliant help brainstorming or helping me to come around to some of the names on our list.

    Names I like:

    Patrick - I've watched too much Mentalist which I am sure is why I think this name is so attractive. Unfortunately, my husband has seen too much Spongebob, so he is a very firm no!

    Oscar - Our last name starts with the "Oh" sound and I have always been attracted to "O" names for alliteration purposes, but this name has lost its luster having been rejected by our last 2 sons. Maybe we are ready this time around, but I just don't know. I also like that it ends in the r sound.

    Linus- This is my #1 this time around and it makes me smile. I can easily imagine a baby Linus fitting into our family. It sounds silly with our last name, and my husband has rejected it because it is too "whiney."

    Clark - An important family surname. It has been passed over by myself and several siblings of mine just because we each found something we found better. My husband's fn is Kent and everyone wanted us to name our first son Clark Kent ___. I am considering it more seriously this time around (not the kent part), but it feels second rate.

    Ezra - Another important family name. We both like this name, but not particularly and it doesn't honor anyone that we knew personally (just a prominent line of Ezras in the family tree). Also, having a Gideon and an Ezra seems like a lot of Bible for us.

    Vince- A variation of my late father's name. I wasn't particularly close to him, but he died before I grew into adulthood and I do honor many of the things that he did. I do like the name Vince and would feel a sort of reconciliation for the way we parted. My husband likes the long form, but it is very strange and my dad always went by Vince. Vincent is too labored for me to say. I don't care for it.

    Hugh - Simple, refreshing. It doesn't sound particularly nice with our last name and when ever I mention it my husband responds "Who?".

    Enoch - Runner up for Gideon. I still love this name and part of me plans on having an Enoch some day. I am bothered by the fact that it doesn't sound good to call out "Gideon 'n Enoch, time for school." Otherwise, I love this name. I'm not even bothered by the "too much bible" in it.

    There are others, but this should give you an idea of our style. Thanks in advance, you are all wonderful.
    Mom to Henry, Mollie, Gideon, and expecting Clark Ebenezer in November.

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    I love Ezra.
    I think Vince is cute.

    Maybe Silas?

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    Linus fits, and I also like Hugh or Clark.

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    I like Clark, Ezra, Hugh, and Enoch. I'm not a fan of Linus (whiny) and Vince (it's a nn, and not a full name).
    Currently exiled from the US

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    I really like Ezra. Maybe Evander, August, Cyrus, Fitz, Dashiell, Porter, Sayer, Myles, Avan or Edison.

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