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    I like Leo much much better

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    Love, love, love the suggestions from Saracita. I'm not a huge fan of Leo but I definitely agree that it is better than Caden. I think his reasoning for liking Caden is very sweet, though, and I love the idea of finding other names with similar meaning. I also like the suggestion of Cade. I know a boy named Cade and even though it looks similar on paper, it actually sounds very distinctive from all of the Caden, Brayden, Aidan, Zaden out there. From Saracita's suggestions, my favorites are Griffith, Viggo, and Garrick.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, and before I considered Leo, Finn was at the top of our list and then good friends went and named their puppy Finn!

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    Lorcan means little and fierce.

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