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    Leo William John is gorgeous! If you're looking for other suggestions/meet in the middle type things, you could try:
    August William John
    Miles William John (Miles means "a soldier," which sort of makes up for "fighter")
    Nolan William John (Nolan means "champion")
    Owen William John ("young warrior; well-born")
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    I prefer Leo over Caden. I just think of Caden as a made up, trendy name. Leo is timeless and so handsome!

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    I'm not sure popularity should be considered here. Leo is becoming really popular lately, too, so either name is a trendy choice just following a different trend. I like your husband's reasoning behind choosing the name Caden, so it gets my vote even though it's not my fave. If you don't like it, maybe search for another name you like better with a similar meaning? Someone above had some great suggestions.

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    Definitely Leo! Not only are there tons of Cadens, it is terribly trendy.

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    Besides loving the sound and flow of Leo William John
    Leo as in lion also is the king of the jungle - top of the bill for meaning your DH is looking for.

    other strong meaning options:
    Neal = champion, I like the above suggested Nolan too
    Everett = strong like a bear
    Farris = iron - strong
    Andrew = brave warrior

    Or you could opt for the hidden meaning Clark William John (Clark as in Superman) - maybe not your style but I could not resist

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