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    Thank you for the help. It is so great to get such fantastic responses!

    We have narrowed down to (with issues in brackets):
    Clementine (too sing-songy? nickname?)
    Florence (too associated with the place?)
    Lila (too popular?)
    Violet (nickname?- not a fan of 'Vi')

    leaning towards Mary for the middle name


    Benjamin (too popular?)
    Samuel ("")
    Charles ("")
    William ("")
    Winston (too out there?!)

    And Ives or Edward in the middle
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    I LOVE the name Evangeline, it's my absolute favourite, I think it's stunning.
    My next choice would be Florence and yes, it's perfectly okay even though you've never been.
    I don't like any of the other girls names to be completely honest, besides Rose because that is my middle name, haha.

    Now for the boys, I love Ives as a middle name, with Benjamin as the first.
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    I LOVE Ives!

    (And Clementine)

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    Great names and lots of good combinations with your short list! I'm a big Churchill fan, so Clementine and Winston get a lot of love from me!

    Clementine Mary or Mary Clementine both work well. Clemmie is my favorite nn. You could also use Flora Clementine, Lila Clementine, or Violet Clementine. Florence is not too associated with Italy-- think Florence Nightengale or Florence and the Machine instead. Florence Mary, Mary Florence, Florence Violet, and Violet Florence are good combinations too. Lila is a little different from the other names you're considering-- what about Delilah with Lila as a nn? Delilah Mary works well. Florence Delilah is another suggestion.

    Benjamin, Samuel, and William are all pretty popular, but they are timeless classics that all work well with Ives as a mn. I prefer Winston to all of these and either Winston Ives or Winston Edward work well. Ives as a fn would be different, but the only combination I really like from the names on your list is Ives Edward. Ivo is another similar name and I think the -O ending makes it a little more useable. Ivo Samuel or Ivo William work well together.

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    Clementine - A: Indeed I do. She is 70 years old and the funniest lady I have ever met. Goes by Tina.
    Florence - A: Yes, you can still use it.
    Rose - I love the nickname Rosie
    Lila - Like it as a nickname, but prefer a more substantial option for a full (Elizaveta, Delilah, Lilliana, etc)
    Alice - No
    Violet - Love. My sister wants to name her daughter Violet
    Alexandra - No
    Sasha - It's okay
    Lola - Also nice, prefer Lula
    Eden - I like it
    Heidi - Not really enjoying it
    Evangeline - Love
    Mary - I love this name
    Matilda - No

    Ives - Oh, I love it!
    Benjamin - Like a lot
    Samuel - Like
    Charlie - Prefer Charles
    Edward - Okay
    Joel - Love
    Rex - Too dog name-ish for me
    Austin - A tad too popular
    William - Nice
    Winston - Not really exuberant
    Judd - Nope
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