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    My absolute favorites are Cornelia, Winter and Primrose - obviously, for personal reasons but anyway, I love them.
    I also like Alice, Amabel, Emmeline, Meadow, Ottilie, September and Wisteria.
    These are the ones I would definitely cross off the list:
    Delaney - darling Bellerose, I see your name taste is still forming and please notice that surname name on girls are definitely trendy and not classy. You can definitely do better than this.
    Isabelline - Isabelle is a pretty name, this one look made-up (sorry if it's not) and quite ridiculous, so-called "trying too hard". Mabeline with Mabel work, but this one doesn't.
    Quinn - again, trendy surname. Not the worst name in the world, but nothing interesting, leave it alone.
    Saskia - not awful, but quite tricky name. It sounds extremely weird and jokeable in my mother tongue (basically, the word "suck") and I doubt she may avoid horrible sexy jokes if she mets a Russian speaker. Also, though I don't really worry about meanings, this one means "knife". And it's becoming more and more popular.
    Zelda - again, more of personal dislike, but sounds like evil queen too me. Might sound odd in non-German speaking country.

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    Thank you all!!
    I'am looking for what my taste is because one day I love all the classic and the other I have a crush on Delaney with the nn Lane. I think i'am completely lost!
    @mclevine isabelline is not made up. I think it's a color.I love so many belle names and this is probably my least favorite so I completely agree with you

    Again thank all for your opinions!

    I would appreciate more suggestions :-)
    Currently unavailable.

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    My favourites from your list are Zenobia and Isis. I think they would make such cute sisters! Zenobia Winter and Isis Meadow would be sweet.

    Alice - Not my style, I always see "a lice"
    Amabel - I like it but think it would get mistaken for Annabel all the time
    Amelie - It's cute, I like it more than Emily or Amelia
    Annabelle - Prefer the Annabel spelling but overall it's feminine and pretty
    Arabella - A bit too frilly for me, but still nice
    Ceridwen - I just don't like the sound of this, though the meaning is nice
    Cordelia - Sweet and vintage
    Cornelia - I like Cordelia waaay better... The one letter changes everything IMO
    Delaney - Feels different than your other names, but still pretty
    Emmeline - I used to love this name, but with Emma and Emily so popular, it feels a bit tired (even though it's one of the more refreshing Em- names)
    Francesca - Pretty
    Genevieve - Like it, don't love it
    Guinevere - I like it, what about Gwendolen?
    Isabella - So popular
    Isabelline - Would get mistaken for Isabella all the time
    Isis - Love!
    Juliet - Sweet but tragic
    Meadow - A bit too hippy for me
    Melisende - I prefer the Melisande spelling, but this name is growing on me
    Morgana - Kinda seems like Morgan is trying too hard to be cool
    Ottilie - I want to love this name, but the pronunciation always messes me up
    Pandora - Pretty but comes with a heavy meaning
    Persephone - I think this would be amazing if someone had the courage to use it!
    Primrose - Too prim for me
    Promise - Too wordy, doesn't really sound like a name
    Quinn - Spunky
    Remember - Ditto Promise
    Rosalind - Love it, but hate the nn Roz
    Rowan - Prefer it on a boy but it's nice either way
    Saskia - Very pretty
    September - See Promise and Remember
    Vashti - This feels WAY off from your other names! I also just don't really like the sound of it
    Winter - I think this would be cute in the middle spot
    Wisteria - Reminds me too much of Desperate House Wives
    Zelda - Too cartoon character for me
    Zenobia - Love it

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    My favorites are:

    Others I like:

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