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    Unisex (Genderless) CAF

    Spouse: your real first and middle name (or a made up name of your choice)
    Spouse: choose from namebank

    Child: choose from namebank
    Child: fn is a gemstone name, mn is a gender typical "male" name
    Child/Child/Child: fn is a place name, mn is from namebank
    Child/Child: choose from namebank
    Child: fn is from namebank, mn is a gender typical "female" name

    Dog: food name
    Cat: named after fictional character

    Aja, Alva, August, Aster, Blaze, Blue, Branwen, Cadence, Claret, Claude, Delaney, Eames, Eden, Elisha, Elliott, Emerson, Finn, Grayson, Harper, Jade, Jazz, Jensen, Jude, Indigo, Ira, Ivo, Neo, Nicola, Noah, Onyx, Peridot, Phoenix, Quinn, Rain, Rene, Roux, Rowan, Saffron, Sage, Sasha, Sawyer, Shane, Tegan, Tempest, Wren, Zane, Zion, Zoey
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    Spouse: Emma Elizabeth
    Spouse: Aja Sawyer

    Child: Alva Indigo
    Child: Ruby Matteo
    Child/Child/Child: Cairo Tempest, Samara Roux, Oslo Rene
    Child/Child: Elisha Quinn, Claret Aster
    Child: Eames Amalia

    Dog: Snickers
    Cat: Hermione

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    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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    The tenebrous fissures of my mind.
    DW: Francesca Ursuline (Note: The paired second is not my true middle name)
    DH: Sage Nicola

    DC: Zion Elisha
    DC: Lapis Jacoby
    DC/DC/DC: Samoa Eames / Russia Ivo / Tangier Peridot
    DC/DC: Neo Rain / Ira Claret
    DC: Sawyer Wendaline

    Dog: Häagen-Dazs (female, Broholmer)
    Cat: Edmond Dantès (male, Birman)
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    - Francesca

    "What fiction could match - in drama or suspense - man's first walk on the Moon?"
    - Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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    Child: August Finn
    Child: Pearl Nicholas
    Child/Child/Child: Adelaide Rowan and Georgia Rene and Austin Jude
    Child/Child: Delaney Harper and Emerson Eliot
    Child: Sasha Rose

    Dog: Asparagus
    Cat: Harry Potter

    Gus, Pearl, Addie, Georgia, Austin, Laney, Emmy, Sasha, Asparagus, and Harry Potter

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