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    Thoughts on Meadow?

    What do you all think of the name Meadow? Is it too out there? Does it make you think of the Sopranos? Honest opinions are appreciated.

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    I really like Meadow, but only as a middle name. I don't think its very wearable up front.

    Meadow, along with Honey, Darling and Cherie are on my list of GP middle names my partner would never let me use!

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    I adore it!! I have seen parents use Arrow and Lake so why not Meadow?it's adorable and has such a cute meaning.
    Honestly I have no idea who the sopranos are.

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    In all honesty, upon seeing the title of your post I immediately thought of the character Meadow Soprano...I think the association may fizzle out as she gets older, however.

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    I love Meadow! I don't automatically think of the Sopranos.

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