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    I think Tilly could be an adorable nn for Millicent. All of the suggestions above are great too.

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    I knew of a Melissa called Lissel which is a bit cute

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    @scarletrune, I think I should have said it's too common for my comfort zone. I really don't want any of my children to have to share a name with anyone they know if I can help it. Not that there's anything wrong with common names (I love many of them) but I just always hated sharing a name with even one other kid so I try to find legitimate names with a long history of use and even ones that sound familiar, but that are unlikely to be used by anyone here (I'm in Oklahoma). Or I'm ok with a formal name that is more common if I can find an uncommon nickname, but Millicent is much more rare than Millie, so I'd just like to have a backup nickname in case.

    Thank you all for the suggestions! I also think Mills could be cute.
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    Milly isn't actually that popular Millie was 800-900 rated last year. Milly has not been in the top 1000 since about 2000.

    Lissy would be a cute nn or miley (My-Lee)

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    I like Lissie a lot. I've seen it as a nickname for Felicity, but I think it'd be cute on a Millicent too.
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