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    My husband REALLY wanted to use Draco for our son (he never read HP, fwiw) but I put my foot down. Just too gothic and menacing for me to get behind - I imagine those associations are why JKR chose to use it for the HP villain - it just doesn't leave enough room for different personality types, in my opinion. Plus it would be a never ending topic of conversation for the poor kid. I told my husband he could name HIMSELF Draco and I'd call him that happily until the day he died but that I couldn't justify giving it as a name to a third party/our baby. That being said, naming is subjective and how happy it would have made my husband to be married to someone else who would even consider the name!

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    I love Harry Potter and think that most names are usable (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Lily, James, etc.) but Draco is a bit over-the-top. If i heard it on a child, I would immediately associate it with the Death Eater, not the greatest namesake, but if you like it enough, than go ahead and use it! Hope I helped!
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    If there were more associations with the name, I think it would be usable. However, people only really know this name because of Harry Potter. It's not like there are a bunch of celebrities or authors with this name. It hasn't been used in other books or movies. If you or your friend were to use it, they would constantly get "Oh like Draco Malfoy".

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    I agree with the above -- it isn't so much that it's a Harry Potter character, but because he's a villain, it could end up having too dark an image. I love Harry Potter and love the name Draco, but because Malfoy's such a little snot for most of the books, I don't think I could use it. :P
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    Draco is a cool name, but the HP association is unavoidable.

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