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    Popularity of Callie?

    I love the name Calista nn Callie but I'm worried the nickname Callie is too popular. With all the spellings combined it's just inside the top 100, and that's not including all the girls named Caroline, Calypso, Calliope, California, Caladonia, etc. that go by Callie. Plus I'm afraid the popularity of sound-alike names like Kaylee and Kylie make it stand out less. What do you guys think? Am I thinking too hard? I would want to call her Calista most of the time but you can't control nicknames so she might become a full-time Callie whether I like it or not.
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    It wouldn't bother me. I think Carolines tend to go by other nn's more and those other names are really rare. I know there are a fair number of Kylies and Kaylees et al and that is a little close but it's still not the same (I'd actually wonder more about Hallie's and Hayley's and the like if you're wondering). I think those names are trending down a bit. I've never known a little Callie - I did overhear someone talking about one on the bus, once : D.

    What about Calla as a nickname?

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    Oh, I love Calista! I wouldn't worry about the popularity of Callie, either. I've only known one many years ago. I second the suggestion of Calla as a nickname. It's one of my favorite names on its own, so elegant and distinctive, but familiar and easy to wear.
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    You're way overthinking this. If you love Calista, use it regardless of how popular a potential nickname of Callie is.
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    I only know one Callie in her 20s.. I think her name is Caroline but not sure. Love the nn and agree it is not very popular in real world.... I do know
    LOTS of Kaylees... I don't think it would blend with those, though

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