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    Help me name my future niece/nephew

    My sister is wanting to TTC her third soon, and has no real set theme with her kids' names.

    She already has two little girls with classic names; one is heard of (and seems to be well-liked on Nameberry) but less common and the other is currently in the top ten. She prefers classic, somewhat old-fashioned names (not in that you never hear them these days, but more in that the names have a history and weren't made up out of trendiness, if that makes sense?)

    I was looking up name meanings and discovered that her two girls' name meanings are "white ring" and "young green shoot," and since she is considering the name Scarlett for a future girl, I kind of thought it was sweet that they'd all have a color meaning. She prefers the look and sound of Scarlett, but also likes the nickname potential of Charlotte (Lottie) and hates the idea of Scar as a nickname (but personally I think it's awesome). I like the name Scarlett well enough, but the fact that it's popular makes me dislike it a bit, and I wish the color-theme was a bit more subtle.

    With her preferences in mind, what are other names are there that have a color meaning, even if subtle? And any other names that are well-known but less widely used and have a long history as a name? Her only definite rule is no names that start or end with J.

    Thanks in advance for any possible suggestions! I'm going to be passing these along to her as they come
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    Scarlett could use the nickname Lettie, which is close to the Lottie that she likes.

    Without knowing the sister names, so discard any mentions of them:

    Poppy (I always think of the bright red of poppies)

    Ross (I believe this means red-headed)

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    Jewel (as in jewel tones?)
    Navy (I have a friend who was OBSESSED with this)
    Ivory (white)
    Oceana (ocean, blue?)
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    I still feel too uncomfortable putting their names out there'd be one thing if the forums were more private, but where anyone can read these threads I'd like to keep it anonymous as possible.

    I came up with what i feel are "equivalent" names...not my nieces' actual names but ones similar in style and popularity. They are Genevieve and Emma.

    When i made this thread a month ago i had no idea at that time my sister was actually already pregnant! She just announced to our family and of course I'm super excited about names so now I'm wanting to help her get a list ready.

    So, with those equivalent names in mind, what classic, well-known but ideally less trendy names sound good with the sib-set?
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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