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    That 1 out of 15 children have that name (Emma, Jacob, Sophia, Aiden, etc). My problem is that I love the names Lucas and Zoe. Ah well, hopefully by the time I have kids they won't be popular (hopefully ).
    Emma, Jacob, Sophia, and Aiden are not popular enough to make them names that 1 of 15 children would have.
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    I mean that in a school classroom you have to go by both your first name and last initial. But, yeah, you're quite right, 1 out of 15 children isn't plausible.
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    I think too popular is TOP 10 for me.

    I don't think there's ever been a case where a name not even in the TOP 100 has jumped to the TOP 10. I look through the TOP 100 to see names that I think could become more popular during my babies childhood.

    I don't want the name to be too popular because I don't want them to be: Ashley T. or Ashley #4 in a classroom.

    Past 18 it doesn't really matter if the name becomes popular among little kids.

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    I do consider a name in the top 10 to be too popular, however, I also consider how many with that namesake I have met. I love Sophia, and it is #1 in popularity, but I personally only know one little girl named Sophia (who lives in a different state) and an older woman names Sophia. So I do not consider it too popular in my case.
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    Too popular for me is if its in the top 20. Past that, the name might be common, but not bordering on knowing several growing up. "Hello to all the Jessica's of my generation"....

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