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    I think some names are immune to popularity, if they are classic enough. For example: Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, James, etc. However, other than that, I would want my name to be out of the top 200 at least, preferably not even in the top 1000
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    To me it means in the top 50-100 and I know of kids with that name who live near me. If a name was #100 and I knew kids named that, I'd rank it more popular on my own list than a name at #50 that I hadn't heard on kids in my location
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    Personally, I wouldn't give my child a top ten name -- unless I was so in love with it that I didn't care -- not because I'm worried so much about being "unique" but because I wouldn't want them to have three or four others in their class with the same name. So, too popular, in my opinion, is when I know more than two or three people who have that name.
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    For me, it's usually somewhere between Top 50 and Top 100. I also wouldn't use names that are destined to get to the Top 50/100 or that I know way to many kids with the name for it to still be below the Top 100. I know a little girl named Ruby with a whopping FOUR other Rubys in her class. How is that still "slowly rising up the charts"?
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    For me there is not a too popular cut off as such, but names within the top 50 are assessed on a case by case bais. Factors that are taken are if the popularity is steady or if it's spiked and will therefore date, if there are over similar names that are also popular meaning that the name is more popular than the ranking suggests, how many people I know personally with that name, as well as how much I love it. However I must admit popularity doesn't mean much considering the top name was only given to about 300 kids here in NZ, which seems like hardly anything.
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