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    Good name for an assassin!!

    Hey y'all. So I'm writing a story that is, what I like to call, a SciFiHorFanWesTopian story. It's got elements of Sci/Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Western, and Dystopian in it. It's set in our future, in about 500 years from now, and Society has reverted, Earth's resources are running out. There are alot of hired killers in the "New Earth", and I need some name ideas. They need to sound tough, they can be feminine, masculine, or a combination of the two. Most of them are minor characters, but there is one who plays a major role in the story and I need a really, really good name for him. He's 6"2' 190 lbs, has piercings in his ear, a mangled lip, and Shoulder length black hair, and snapping Blue eyes. He's a very sardonic character, and not very good looking, but very fit. So take that into account too.

    Thank you!!
    19 year old aspiring writer. Lover of names. Searcher of meanings.

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